The Polycom VVX 300 series are powerful entry-level phones for today’s office army. The models feature Polycom HD voice quality and headset compatibility, an easy-to-use interface with backlit grayscale graphical LCD screen, and 6 lines or speed dial keys.

Call transfer button - use this key or the transfer soft key. 

Message access button - listen to your voicemail messages. 

Line indicators - juggle multiple calls with the line keys. The green light indicates which line is currently active. 

Soft keys - allow you to choose screen options in various views. 

Message indicator light - this light will flash red if you have unheard voicemails. 

Home button - brings you back to the home icon view, or the home screen idle view. 

Arrow button - allow you to navigate between various screen options. When the home screen is in idle view, the arrow keys can be used for quick access to placed calls, missed calls, received calls, and favorites. 

Select button - located in the center of the arrow keys, the select key allows you to choose a highlighted option on the phone screen. 

Favorites (top arrow key) - quickly access any contacts you have starred as a favorite. You can set favorites through your desk phone or the SONAR portal. 

Placed calls (right arrow key) - quickly access a call history log of your recent placed calls. 

Missed calls (bottom arrow key) - quickly access a call history log of your recent missed calls. 

Received calls (left arrow key) - quickly access a call history log of your recent received calls. 

  NOTE: The left arrow key can also be used to navigate back to the previous screen access.

Headset button - pressing this key will pull a call to/from your handset/speakerphone to a headset device. 

Speakerphone button - easily switch a call to/from a handset/headset to speakerphone.

Microphone mute button - mute or unmute yourself while on a call. 

Volume button - the (-) side decreases the volume and the (+) increases the volume.

Hold button - use this key or the hold soft key to place callers on and off hold. 

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