Forwarding calls from the office to a personal number? Remove the hazard of mis-answering using Versature SmartAnswer. When you have SmartAnswer enabled, you will be alerted by a voice prompt before the call is connected to let you know it is coming from your Versature extension. From there, you will have the option to press 1 to accept the call or hang up to reject the call.


 NOTE:  Office managers and call center supervisors must be in “My Account” view to access their answerings rules.

  1. Click on the Answering Rules tab in your SONAR portal.
  2. Click the Add Rule button to create a new rule or the pencil icon of your active answering rule.
  3. Select the pre-existing Time Frame you want.
  4. Click the Simultaneous ring checkbox.
  5. Click the Enable Versature SmartAnswer checkbox.
  6. Enter the number(s) you want calls to be forwarded to. Numbers should be 10 digits without spaces, brackets, or dashes.
  7. (Optional) Enter a ring delay of 5seconds by dragging the scroll bar upwards.
  8. Click the Save button when finished.


  • Test that your Versature SmartAnswer is working by calling yourself from an external number.
  • When the Versature message is informing you of an incoming call, the caller will continue to hear a regular ringtone until 1 is pressed.
  • If you did not request to use Versature SmartAnswer and are receiving the message prompt as an error, call our Versature Support Team by dialing 611 on a Versature device, 877-498-3772 from an external phone, or email support@versature.com.
  • Forwarding to an iPhone? Download the Versature iOS mobile app and never forward again.

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