Many users need more line key options. You can easily attach the Polycom VVX Expansion Module or the Polycom Color Expansion Module to any Polycom desk phone to instantly add 40 or 28 illuminated programmable line keys.

Contact Versature Support to enable the Hotkey Builder Line Appearance feature. 


To access Hotkey Builder, you must be in the "Manage Organization" view of the SONAR portal.

1. Click the Users tab. 

2. Search and click on the name of the user's whose phone you want to edit. 

3. Click the Phones subtab. 

4. Select the phone associated with the user's extension you want to edit. 

5. Click the gear icon on the right-hand side. 

6. When the "Edit button configuration for this phone" pop-up appears, click Yes


1. On the right side of your phones diagram, there is a "Phone" tab and an "Add Sidecar" tab. Click the Add Sidecar tab.

2. Choose which sidecar module you have from the drop-down menu 

3. Click Add Sidecar

4. Click save, or to apply the changes immediately click the up arrow next to save, and choose "Save and Resync"  

Changes won't be applied to a phone until it is rebooted!! 

You can set a phone to reboot directly from this page by clicking the up arrow next to the Save button and choosing Save and Resync.

Add and remove sidecars 

To add a second sidecar, repeat the above process with the new "Add Sidecar" tab. 

To remove a sidecar, click the X in the Sidecar-# Tab.  

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