The following video shoes the VVX400 series model, but the contents of the box and set up instructions are the same for the VVX300 and VVX500 series. 


There are 7 items in your desk phone box.  

The Welcome Letter 

Includes a welcome message, some information on the SONAR portal, how to contact our Techincal Support team (calling 611 from any Versature device), as well as your extension, SONAR login ID, and your PIN. It is recommended that you change your PIN upon your first login. 

The Tent Card 

Includes instructions on how to make blind and attended call transfers, three-way calling, some key SONAR features, and a quick reference guide for the buttons of your phone.

The Phone Base 

The main component of your desk phone; your phone base is connected to your extension number, PIN, and the SONAR client portal.  

The Stand

There are three slide-in options on the back of your phone so you can adjust how far it is tilted upwards. If you have a phone you want to be mounted on a wall there are two circular indents approximately 10.5 cm apart. 

Your Handset 

The handset sits on the left side of the phone base and allows you to answer and hang up calls.

An Ethernet Cable 

Connects your phone to a local network for file sharing and Internet access.  

A Handset Cable  

Allows sound to transfer from your handset to your phone. 


  1. Plug the short end of the handset cable into the handset. 
  2. Plug the long end of the handset cable into the right-most port in the base.
  3. Plug the ethernet cable into the port with the lan symbol above it.                             
    • NOTE: Sometimes the lan symbol can be hard to see, tilt the phone to the light for better visibility.  
  4.  Slide the stand into the base with the smooth side up. 
  5. Plug the ethernet cable into the wall port. 

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