Call history overview for basic users.

You can locate your Call History in the tab bar of your SONAR portal. All users have access to their individual call history.

The call history list contains the call type, the number of the caller, the name of the caller, the date and time the call occurred, and the duration of the call.

The default number of calls displayed is 15, but you have the option to set the calls-per-page to 25, 50, or 100. You can navigate through pages by either clicking the page numbers at the bottom or scrolling through pages using the arrow buttons.


Incoming Calls   Outbound Calls  Missed Calls


Using filters will save time tracking, searching, and managing your call history. Any filters in use will be displayed next to the Filters button.

The date range (From – To)  – refine your search by entering a specific time range using the “from” and “to” calendars.
The maximum range is 16 days.

Caller number – refine your search by entering a specific caller’s number.

Dialed number– Refine your search by entering a specific outbound number.

Call type – Refine your search by selecting a call types: inbound, outbound, missed, ext to ext (internal calls), and off-net (external calls).


Call history can be exported as a .csv by clicking the Export button.  If you want to export a filtered call history, simply apply your filter before exporting.

NOTE:  You cannot disable the time frame filter.

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